Suspension Repair in Durham, NC

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Keeping Your Drives Smooth

Few systems contribute more to your vehicle’s driving experience than the suspension system. It’s because of this system that you’re able to safely take on corners, drive over obstacles, and navigate bumpy roads with ease and comfort. Make sure that is always the case by scheduling a suspension service with Carmedix, the trusted suspension service professionals in Durham, North Carolina. Our ASE Certified technicians use state-of-the-art tools, components, and service techniques to ensure the suspension system is always performing at its best. We’ll make sure your vehicle is always providing you with a smooth and comfortable drive!

Does Your Suspension Need Service?

Outside of having the suspension system regularly serviced, the best way to maintain its level of performance is to understand the signs of wear-and-tear and failure. By knowing the symptoms, you’ll be able to prevent a problem from worsening. Here are some common suspension system issues and the warning signs that come with them. If you see these issues in your vehicle, make sure you schedule a visit with us soon!

Poor Alignment

Wheel misalignment is an issue that many vehicle owners deal with. Unfortunately, this issue can happen if you accidentally hit a pothole or curb and can be largely unnoticeable. You’ll notice your vehicle’s alignment is off if the steering wheel is at odd angles and if you have to fight your car from drifting in a specific direction. This problem is both frustrating and dangerous to deal with, so please have your vehicle serviced at your earliest convenience!

Bumpy Drives

The suspension system, and specifically the shock absorbers, are what’s responsible for keeping your drives smooth and comfortable. These “dampers” absorb a lot of the impact your vehicle takes from the road as they can keep the tires planted to the surface. You’ll know something is wrong with the system and this component if your jobs begin to feel rough and uncomfortable. This could lead to additional problems for the system, so you should schedule a visit with our team as soon as possible!

Visit Our Facility!

Without the suspension system, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to maintain a proper height above the ground, and you’d feel every imperfection found on the road. Ensure all your drives are smooth and comfortable by scheduling a suspension repair or maintenance service with Carmedix in Durham, North Carolina. Our team of automotive professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and components to ensure your vehicle’s suspension system is operating properly. Whether you need a wheel realignment or the shock absorbers replaced, we have the services available for you! Schedule an appointment by giving us a call at 984-888-0791. If you’re on a tight schedule, we also accept walk-in customers! Just visit us on 2105 NC-54 Unit L, located in the Triangle Village Shopping Center!