Radiator Repair in Durham, NC

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Keeping Your Engine Cool

With your vehicle’s engine operating at high speeds, it’s important that it has a system to help keep it cool and maintain an optimal performance temperature. That’s where the radiator comes in, as it flows coolant throughout the engine and helps find and maintain that temperature. Because of this function, it’s essential to keep the radiator in good shape, so your vehicle doesn’t overheat. Carmedix can help with just that. Located in Durham, North Carolina, our ASE Certified technicians have the experience, equipment, and technical-skill to service any issues the radiator may have. Whether you need the thermostat repair or the radiator hose replaced, we make sure to put only the best into your vehicle’s radiator!

Does Your Radiator Need Service?

Like all the other systems and components found in your vehicle, the radiator is susceptible to wear-and-tear. To combat this, we recommend consistent service with our team to ensure you are catching the problem before it gets serious. But along with that, it’s helpful to understand common warning signs and the causes behind them, so you know how to act in the event of sudden trouble. Here are a couple of common causes for radiator trouble and what you can do when it occurs!

Leaking Radiator Hose

The radiator hose is responsible for linking the radiator to the engine and allowing the coolant to flow properly. Unfortunately, it’s also responsible for any leaks within the cooling system and is a common source for it. These components can wear out over time, and they should be replaced periodically. You’ll notice something is wrong if the engine slowly begins to overheat. It’ll be hard to pinpoint the specific cause without professional help, so we recommend service with us as soon as possible!

Failing Thermostat

A common culprit for an overheating vehicle, the thermostat is a type of valve that has control into how much coolant flows in and out of the radiator. It’s because of this component that the engine can maintain an optimum operating temperature. If the thermostat fails, the vehicle will quickly begin to overheat, and you won’t be able to drive the car safely.

We’re Ready to Help!

Without a functioning radiator, your vehicle’s engine would quickly overheat and get damaged causing you to have to deal with potentially expensive engine repairs. Make sure you stay on top of the radiators health by scheduling a radiator repair service with Carmedix in Durham, North Carolina. Our ASE Certified technicians utilize the latest equipment and service practices to handle every issue the radiator may experience. Whether the system is leaking or the thermostat has failed, we have the team and services available to fix it all. Give us a call at 984-888-0791 to schedule your next service! If you’re on a tight schedule, feel free to visit us on 2105 NC-54 Unit L, as we happily accept walk-ins. We’re located in the Triangle Village Shopping Center!