Tips For Taking Your Dog in the Car

Dogs Love Riding in the Car

Driving can be fun for you and your pet, but there are some precautions you can take to prevent the need for any auto repairs or unnecessary clean ups. The best way to handle a pet is to be prepared, so here are some tips to help you dog-proof your car.

Car Seat Covers

Pet hairs will absolutely get everywhere if you take your pet with you in the car. When going for auto repair, car seats are hard to clean, but seat covers are not. You can put on seat covers to catch all the hairs while they are in the car and periodically take the covers out to get them washed. You won’t prevent the dog hairs from being there all the time but you can manage them much better.

Window Film

Dogs love to look out the window, but leaving the windows down to let them look out can be extremely dangerous for them. If you close the windows they get their nose on the windows and smear them. What you can do is put a clear wrap or film on the window you let your dog sit at. Also having paper towels and any cleaning materials in your trunk is convenient for preventing stains if your pet happens to let loose in your car.

Safely Secure Your Pet

While film can help the windows stay clean, cleaning the windows isn’t much of an inconvenience in comparison to installing and replacing a layer of film. Instead you could get a harness for your dog and securely tie the harness to one of the back seat belts. Letting your dog run freely in your car can be not only dangerous for them because in an accident they won’t be secured, but also dangerous for the driver. If your pet distracts you while in the car because it wants attention or tries to sniff things it shouldn’t be, it gives you less reaction time. You can use a very defined short leash range so that your dog can’t get up on the window and will be safe if an accident occurs. Having a pet crate inside your car can also work but isn’t as much fun for the pet.

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