What Does Brake Fluid Do?

What Stops Your Car

Your car’s brakes should feel very responsive when you push the pedal down. While the process is much more complicated than just pressing down the pedal, the design is what makes it seem that way. When you go to get brake repair at the shop there are many different components that need to be checked to ensure that the process of pushing that pedal down ends up stopping your car, and that anything that goes wrong in that mechanical sequence can reduce your safety and handling greatly. One of these components is the brake fluid.

What Is Brake Fluid?

The process of braking starts with pressing down on the brake pedal which pushes a piston down a tube filled with brake fluid. The brake fluid then gets compressed and creates pressure on the other end of the tube which tightens a caliper around your wheels rotors. This creates contact with your rotors and brake pads which through friction causes your vehicle to stop.

Rather than a fully solid process, a fluid is important because it can be compressed and then return back to its original state when you leave off the breaks. It creates a much more gradual response as well, allowing you much more control over how little or how much you brake.

Why Brake Fluid Needs a Balance

While there are advantages to a fluid braking system, it does require repair, upkeep, and maintenance due to the necessity to be between certain levels. Underneath your hood there should be a brake fluid reservoir by the driver’s seat. While the engine is off the fluid should rise to somewhere between the max and minimum lines. If it is too little, your car won’t get enough pressure on the brakes to stop you fast enough. If there is too much brake fluid the brakes will drag and you will lose a lot of mileage and your brakes will wear out fast. Keeping your brake fluid within those levels will give you much better efficiency and safety on the road.

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