What Does a Timing Belt Do?

Timing Is Everything

An engine runs on many mechanical and chemical processes which require a delicate balance. If one process happens at the wrong time, it can disrupt this balance and cause failures in the engine. This can happen if you haven’t replaced your timing belt and it does not keep everything in check. Below is exactly what a timing belt is and what makes it so important?

Organizing and Synchronizing

A timing belt is just a simple rubber belt with notches or teeth carefully designed to fit in your engine’s gears. Timing chains are the same thing but are made of metal rather than rubber so that they can last longer. When your timing belt needs replacement will be determined greatly by what material it is made of. The timing belt will synchronize the movement of the camshaft and the crankshaft by limiting their movement by the measurement of the timing belt. These are responsible for supplying the engine fuel and air.

A correct mixture of air and fuel in the engine will provide the best results, but too much fuel can be a waste or not enough can cause failure. There also is not a lot of space in the engine compartment for out of sync components to move around. They can collide with each other if they aren’t fitting neatly and create more friction and wearing on the actual parts. In that way the timing belt also smoothes the process for the gears.

Replacing the Belt

Over time the belt will wear out and eventually need to be replaced. The length that a timing belt will last is around 60,000 to 100,000 miles traveled in your car. After being pulled at and stretched for so long it can get weak and snap. If you drive on an engine that isn’t synchronized, your valves can bend, the shafts can be damaged, the engine can overheat or make ticking noises, and you can lose oil and efficiency.

The timing belt is relatively inexpensive, but the money you will save on repairs to the other parts that could be damaged will be worth it. If you are in need of a timing belt replacement you can come to Carmedix in Durham, NC. Give us a call at 984-888-0791 to schedule your service.

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