Preventing Mold Growth In Your Car AC

What Causes Mold

Car AC repair can cost a lot so knowing how to prevent or what the cause of the problem is can save you money. One of the most common concerns when repairing your car’s AC is the presence of mold. Breathing moldy air has very negative effects on your health and if it’s circulating through your AC it can end up becoming more than just an issue for your car. Below are some tips to prevent the growth of mold, but if it has already happened you should consider coming to Carmedix in Durham, NC for our automobile AC services.

How Does Mold Grow In Your Car

Mold grows in humid and damp, usually enclosed places. When an environment stays like this for long without being cleaned it allows mold particles to converge and pervade your AC system. This can be caused by failing to change the filters, not using the air conditioning enough, and where you live.

How air conditioners work is they filter air not create it. They remove the humidity and dirt from the air and recycle it into cool air. That humidity doesn’t just disappear, it gets absorbed and ejected out of your car. You may have seen the condensation from an air conditioning leaking out a car or bus. This is completely normal. What isn’t normal is the humidity staying inside the air conditioning where it can cause mold growth.

Solutions to Car AC Repair

There are sprays that can clean the mold out of your AC, but if the cause of the problem still persists it will keep coming back, so fixing the problem is necessary first.If your car AC is getting moldy it may be not draining properly. The tray may need repairs to let the moisture flow out of the car. Running your AC may also help to reduce humidity. Even if you are trying to conserve on fuel, it is probably a better idea to run the AC. It is true that running the AC uses more fuel, but the cooling of your car can improve its performance and prevent mold growth.

The air filter should also be changed when it becomes too dirty because a clogged filter will reduce the flow of clean air and therefore allow more humidity to build up. If you have the option to in your vehicle’s controls, circulate your car’s AC within itself rather than from outside air because it is less work to filter air that is recirculating within your car. If you live in a humid or dusty environment it will take much more work to filter and dehumidify the air for your AC. If you need Car AC repairs come to Carmedix in Durham, NC. Call us at 984-888-0791 to schedule service.

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