Hello, Summer! Hello AC!

Let’s Hope the AC Works…

When you’ve been stuck inside enduring the cold temperatures and dried brown landscape all winter, perhaps nothing is more exciting than the arrival of summer. You can hardly wait to say hello to sunny days, picnics in the park, and an outing to the beach. But when the heat becomes stifling–as it can be in humid North Carolina–you sure do hope your car’s AC works. It worked on the last hot day in October, so what could go wrong? Perhaps you should schedule an appointment with Carmedix in Durham, North Carolina, before it gets too hot.

What You Need Before You Need It

The best way to avoid an unpleasant steamy surprise on the first very hot summer day is to have your car’s air conditioning system checked out and serviced before you really need it. Our ASE certified technicians can spot common problems that may have developed over the winter and correct them so that your AC blows cold air when you turn it on. For instance, the refrigerant could have leaked down if a small hole has developed anywhere in the system. The result is a lack of refrigerant that causes warm air (or at least air that isn’t as cool as desired) to blow from you car’s vents. Also, if your auto has developed an electrical problem such as a broken wire, the air conditioner may not get any power to operate.

Flying road debris could have punctured or blocked the condenser, keeping it from exchanging heat as it is designed to do. Further, refrigerant cannot circulate through the AC system if the compressor has failed while it was sitting unused for several months. Improperly working fans cannot cool the condenser properly, impacting the temperature of the refrigerant. Finally, if the blend air door–the component that allows warm and cool air to mix to achieve the set temperature–has become stuck over the cooler season, you may get only warm entering into the passenger cabin.

Getting the Jump on Summer

When you’re planning your summer–buying that new bathing suit, stocking up on sunscreen, and finding your misplaced sunglasses–don’t forget about your vehicle’s AC system. Even though it worked the last time you used it, there are several issues that could have arisen while it sat unused. These aren’t problems you can easily detect and repair yourself, but they’re no problem for the experts at Carmedix. Visit us now so that you’re confident your AC will work when you need it.

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