What Does a Timing Belt Do?

Timing Is Everything An engine runs on many mechanical and chemical processes which require a delicate balance. If one process happens at the wrong time, it can disrupt this balance and cause failures in the engine. This can happen if you haven’t replaced your timing belt and it does not keep everything in check. Below

Preventing Mold Growth In Your Car AC

What Causes Mold Car AC repair can cost a lot so knowing how to prevent or what the cause of the problem is can save you money. One of the most common concerns when repairing your car’s AC is the presence of mold. Breathing moldy air has very negative effects on your health and if

Identification Station

Common Check Engine Light Causes Check Engine. Who knows what that even means? Short answer: the ASE certified technicians at Carmedix in Durham, North Carolina. When your vehicle’s check engine lamp has illuminated, it may be tempting to ignore it, but you shouldn’t. You may be driving your way toward bigger problems and more expensive

Your Reliable Radiator

Keeping The Engine Cool Radiant: Sending out light. Radio: Device for sending out sound waves. Radiator: Component of your vehicle that emits heat. Actually, there’s a little more to it than that. Your car’s radiator not only emits heat, it has the monumental task of heat exchange that keeps your ride from literally melting down.

BMW Service Protocols

What’s Different About Taking Care of My BMW? BMW is a symbol of luxury, known for high standards of longevity and performance. But did you know that there are specific service protocols that contribute to the manufacturer’s reputation and reliability? The ASE certified technicians at Carmedix in Durham, North Carolina, understand the unique needs of